Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Etsy purchases

My Etsy shop, Blue Jacaranda, is slowly taking over my life! I keep adding things, taking better photos, tweaking descriptions... and wishing I could devote all my time to my shop and my quilts... Oh well...

But I don't just sell on Etsy, I also love buying things there, and thought I would show you some of my purchases today. My absolute favourite is the Prism Necklace shown above, from Sage and Indie. I love it! I often wear black (black top and black pants) and that colourful necklace just looks great on black!

These Black Mobius Earrings from Marjon Scheffer are another favourite purchase - I wear them almost every day. The funny thing is that Marjon is a Dutch woman living here in Brisbane. We haven't met IRL yet but I'm sure that will happen someday soon!

Delft Blue items never meant much to me when I was still living in the Netherlands, but now I love them! I couldn't resist this little Mustard Jar from Vintage Seas - it took forever to arrive in Oz, but seller Jean was very helpful. Highly recommended for your vintage shopping! (she now has a lovely vintage wooden sewing box that I would love to have - my grandmother had one just like that. But the shipping costs to Australia are just too much...)

After booking our flights to Holland I made a 'Holland here we come' treasury to celebrate that fact and found this gorgeous reprint of a 1928 KLM poster that I just had to have... We are flighing KLM too this time! It's from sandmarg in Canada and arrived here in Brisbane very quickly in a mint condition.

I am a bit obsessed by Russian history at the moment - after reading War and Peace, Russka, and The Kitchen Boy, I am now reading Nicholas and Alexandra, a biography of the last tsar of Russia. Fascinating. I was thrilled to find lapinegr on Etsy - Polly and Joe from St Petersburg sell Russian art cards and antique cards. I bought a few - so much fun to receive that envelope from Russia with the lovely stamps!

And last but not least... I told you a while ago I wanted to learn to crochet to make one of these covered stones... Well, that is not going to happen, so I bought one from MonicaJ, for our caravan. It is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I'm constantly on Etsy too. Whenever I go on to renew items I always end up browsing for things I "might" want. ha! No wonder Etsy makes so much money!

Judy Warner said...

Great pieces, Linda. I have been collecting earrings similar to your Prism necklace for a year now.

Unknown said...

Thank you Linda for showing your/mine earring in your lovely blog. You have found and got yourself some great items from Etsy. I get lost there so easily going from one treasury to another great shop, just like I got lost on your blog, to many nice thing to read. Hope to see you soon in person.
xo Marjon