Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another burlap project

Here is my latest burlap creation: a coffee cosy for my friend and colleague Yasmin. We always have a coffee together in the morning at the coffee shop next to our workplace. She usually asks for some extra hot milk in her coffee and then needs an extra cup because it is too hot to hold... Very eco-unfriendly, so I made her this cosy with a piece of coffee sack. She loved it :-).

Last Sunday she and I went on a shopping expedition to Paddington. We started at the Antique Centre, where I saw this gorgeous Singer (drool!):

My grandmother had a Singer, so I am quite partial to that brand... Unfortunately it was too expensive to take it home. They also had these beauties:

I bought a few vintage tea towels and some vintage bias binding. Then we walked all the way down Latrobe Terrace. Lots of lovely shops, many in beautiful old Queenslanders:

Paddington is very hilly, so you get lovely views:

Unfortunately it was a grey and rainy day, of which we have had quite a few lately... But we had a very good time.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Craft and Sewing Show here in Brisbane - looking forward to that!

PS Last Saturday my oldest son had his first gymnastics competition of the year; in Level 4 now. He did very well - won a bronze medal on high bar. Here he is on parallel bars:

There might be another gymnastics quilt in my future ;-).

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Judy Warner said...

My Mom had a Singer sewing machine too. I remember it well and made many things on it.
Glad your son did so well in his first meet of the season. Looking forward to more quilts!