Sunday, 26 June 2011


DH took the boys to a park today so I could work in peace and quiet on my new ice skating quilt. I made some good progress and hope to finish the quilt in the next few weeks.

On my new website I used a photo of the Tuberculosis quilt I made in 2009 as a journal quilt with the Australian and New Zealand Art Quilters group. I cropped it so the stitched writing wasn't visible and realised that I actually like the quilt better this way. So today I chopped off that part and finished the new edge with a satin stitch.

Speaking about my website: I am going to rename this blog and use the domain name for the website (with the blog integrated in it). I hope that this will work and that you, dear reader, will be able to find me again! It may take a little time for the url to work again though...

PS For thise of you who were wondering: my gymnast son won a ribbon for 5th place on high bar at the Queensland Gymnastics Championships yesterday! On Tuesday he will compete again in the Regional Team Challenge, as the number one of Brisbane North in Level 3 Under 9.

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