Sunday, 12 June 2011

A productive day

I've had a very productive Sunday! First I made a Sentimental Scarf. Inspired by Jennie's Yardage Design Scarf I used some of the blue fabrics I cut last year (yes, I think they would have made a nice quilt as well, I just didn't feel like making it). I backed it with some pale blue fleece.

It's called a Sentimental Scarf because there are some much loved fabrics in this scarf. The striped fabric in the middle for instance, I used that for the very first shirt I made for little Hugo - here with his father in a steam train in Kent, England, in 2004... (hard to believe that it is the same boy who won two gymnastics medals today!)

The pale fabric at the end is from a cute pair of pants that I bought for Ernst in Noosa, in the first year we were here (2007). Here he is with his brothers, on the left:

There's also a piece of fabric from a shirt we bought on holiday in Norway, and a lot of hand dyed fabrics... Sentimental Scarf indeed!

I also made a bag today. A while ago I saw a bag made out of a man's woollen jacket in a magazine. It looked really good. I kept my eyes open and found this woollen skirt in the local Op Shop last week. They had a belt in a matching colour:

It was quite easy to turn the skirt into a bag:

Here I am trying to photograph myself with bag and scarf in the only large mirror in our house ;-):

Oh, I also did some screen printing - here are the last two speed skaters:

Tomorrow I'm off to the Textile Art Festival here in Brissy. I can't wait!!! But I know what I'll be wearing - and carrying ;-).


Jennie said...

What a great scarf! I think I'm going to make myself a new one every winter.

Sue Dennis said...

Great bag & such good recycling. Have fun at the TAF.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I saw Jennie's scarf today - hope I'll see yours one day too!

Dianne said...

Hi Linda, Your quilt looked great at the show. In fact, the State of the Art quilts was a bit of a highlight for me. They were wonderful. Love the way you have recycled the skirt into the bag. Well done. Di.