Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My MadeIt picks

I was thrilled to be invited to be a Picks Editor at MadeIt this week. Here you can see (a few of) my favourite items on MadeIt (renew the page to see more). Fellow editor Rainbow Lollies chose my Dutch Houses stretched print as one of her favourites - thanks for that!

The photos above show the things I have recently bought at MadeIt - the Origin of Species teapot was a Mother's Day present from my dear hubby and boys. More wonderful teapots and cups can be found at Zinnia Pea.

The fingerless gloves are wonderfully soft and warm, and I was glad to have them on our camping trip last weekend! They were made by Lazy Jane, who has some lovely knitted items in her shop.

The turquoise pendant is from Dichroic Creations, and the pennyfarthing pendant from Creations138 - both have gorgeous jewellery.

I love MadeIt; it's a great place to find unique items - great for presents or for yourself!


Bella said...

I'm so pleased you like the teapot and I LOVE your other Made It purchases! The pendants look gorgeous and the gloves look so fuzzy.

Shopping on Made It is so fun. :)

- Zinnia Pea xo

Thea said...

I've been eyeing off some of Zinnia Pea's creations too. Lovely!