Saturday, 30 April 2011

Studio and Shop Opening at Thea & Sami

This morning I drove to the other side of Brisbane for the opening of Thea & Sami's new Studio and Shop. I had to bring my two little boys (their older brother was at gymnastics), for their father left for a business trip to Canada very early this morning. As you can see they were quite happy under the gorgeous stretched Brisbane print, munching chips and biscuits ;-)

As an enthusiastic amateur screen printer I was very keen to see how Thea and her assistant Dan print yardage at their immense table:

Here are the screens they use - a little bigger than my thermofax screens!

In the shop Thea's gorgeous homewares are for sale:


I was strong and managed to only buy a fabric scrap pack and this piece of fabric; Marguerite (my favourite T&S design) printed on linen. I love the selvedge strip!

I had a great morning, thanks Thea! Am very inspired now to do some screen printing myself... I have a few ideas and hope to try them out in the next few weeks, although with hubby away I might be too tired at night to do anything creative... I'm sure I will be tomorrow, when I have to drive the boys to the Gold Coast where Hugo will have his second gymnastics competition of the year. He won the cross country (2 km running) at school yesterday, so I hope his winning streak will continue!


Thea said...
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Thea said...

I had too many grammatical errors in last comment... I meant to say: Thanks for coming Linda! Although I can see why I hate having my photo taken while talking.

marjolijn said...

Oh, dat ziet er geweldig uit. En die zelfkant moet je zeker gebruiken. Die zijn leuk!!! Stofje ook hoor.

Judy Warner said...

What a great studio/shop!wish it was nearer!