Friday, 8 April 2011

Screen prints

Last night I did another round of screen printing. Here is the latest female gymnast. (yes, her leg is a bit thin - this is one of the test prints, not the print on the new quilt!)

I also printed some more Dutch Houses - the postcards are a hit in my shop and I'm thinking of selling the prints stretched on canvas (just have to figure out how to do that! Tips very welcome).

And some more St Basil's prints - they are also very popular in the shop, and I'm thinking of using one in a quilt.

I will be screen printing again soon, for I have ordered some thermofax screens from Linda Stokes, who has opened a thermofax screen service. She is having a giveaway of one of her screens that ends today, so if you go there quick and leave a comment you might still be in the draw.

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's posting about the Morocco quilt aka the Steamboat! I have been thinking about it a lot. I'm wondering if I hadn't shown the photo, would the reactions have been the same? My intention was not to copy the photo but to reduce that image to its basics - colours and shapes, almost an abstract. It's not about what is actually in the photo, but about my memories of Essaouira - white buildings, a red/brown wall, blue sea and turquoise boats. (they might be someone else's memories of another Mediterranean place but that is irrelevant) I agree that the white shape is too dominant but apart from that, for me the piece does convey the image of Morocco. However, I may make another Morocco quilt since I have a lot of memories...

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Judy Warner said...

I could see St. Basil's in a quilt. So far as stretching on canvas, I did that to create a background for my meditation series. I bought stretcher bars and stapled heavy black fabric around the stretcher bars. It has worked quite well.