Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A good day

My youngest is at Preschool this year, on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays. I am at work on Mondays and Tuesdays, but not on Wednesdays... and today was my first 'free' day! Woohoo! After doing the shopping and other domestic chores that had to be done I had a few hours left to play, and I managed to quilt these three gymnasts. I had intended this piece for SAQA's 2011-2012 Travelling Trunk Show, but it was too big, so now I am thinking I may send it in for this year's Benefit Auction. Once it is finished, of course.

This is a project from the book I showed you earlier, Playing with Books. Using an old paperback novel I made this business card holder. Adding the letter tags was my own idea. I absolutely love it, don't you? Here is the view from the side:

And last but not least, some NQR (not quilting related) news: today the first paper written for my PhD thesis was published, in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health! I am very, very excited about that! (if you are interested in 'Tuberculosis in the Australian Indigenous population: history, current situation and future challenges' you can find the article here. It is not very 'technical' I think, but maybe I'm wrong there?)

I am going to have a celebratory glass of wine with DH, who has just heard that he will be promoted to Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland :-).


Petra said...

Linda, ik heb echt een GEWELDIGE tip voor je.....
Doei Petra

Shirley said...

Wat een artistieke kaarten houder heb e gemaakt, en proficiat met je publicatie! Dat mag gevierd worden, samen met de promotie van DH, heerlijk dat het zo goed gaat met jullie.

sandra said...

Congrats Linda to both you and your husband. A follower in Canada, you sent me one of your postcards a few years back and it still hangs in my sewing area. Sandra

Banaghaisge said...

Well done you two wonderful achievers!!! I have downloaded your article to read after I get through blog catchups.
Am also yearning for that Playing With Books - what a lot of fun that looks like being!
And I love your cyclist posted a couple of days ago, fabulous!! Hugs, Jasmine xxxx

Jantine said...

Gefeliciteerd met jouw publicatie en Dh promotie! Wat een prestatie! Zag het op je andere blog, maar moest komen eten en had geen tijd meer om te reageren.
Je kaarthouder is erg leuk!