Friday, 7 January 2011


I did some sketching today - any idea what the above is supposed to be? My 6-year old thought it was a toothbrush ;-).

I was actually trying to abstract this image:

and quite surprised at how much you can take away and still keep the essence - although that may have been because I knew the image? I tried the same with the gymnast on pommel horse that I depicted in my Balance 2 quilt:

Of course this is the process they use for the pictograms at the Olympics etcetera... I would love to study graphic design! (maybe someday, when I have finished my PhD...)

I have also started on the Sketchbook Challenge for January - the theme is Highly Prized. I will show you some of my drawings soon.


Aart said...

Leuk de hele quiltwereld is aan het schetsen, ik ben ook net begonnen, het mag geen naam hebben, maar daar gaat het niet om. Veel succes!

Lazy KZ said...

I guessed it was a gymnast before I saw the photo. I think it is the perfect amount of abstract to get the point across.

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun to see how you get to your finished creations Linda! I saw it for what it was right away btw.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

As did I !~! You are doing fine; stay the course.