Saturday, 22 January 2011

The next step

Don't you love that background fabric?! (it's a batik that I bought for the Hawaiian Quilting class I did at Quilt University in 2009 and never finished)
I also made this one:

and hope to finish it in time to send it in to SAQA's 2011-2010 Travelling Trunk Show, now that the deadline has been extended to January 31st.

As you may have noticed, the name of this site has been changed to (instead of The old url should still work but you may want to change it in your favourites or bloglist for all the gadgets to work properly. In the coming weeks I hope to rearrange the pages to make it a comprehensive site.

I am thrilled that this blog has more than a hundred followers now (and 53 Facebook followers, although there is some overlap) - thank you so much everyone! I am preparing a giveaway to express my gratitude to all of you....

And finally I am more than thrilled that my Queensland Flood Appeal Auction quilt is currently up to $200!! Remember, you can still bid, until Monday 24 January 9.00 pm (Brisbane time). If this is getting outside your league (as it would be for me) there are lots of other handmade goodies on the Auctions Master List at Toni Coward's blog. A great chance to donate something for the flood victims and become the owner of a unique hand made item!

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Shirley said...

Wow dat is een mooie gymnast quilt, prachtig zo met het subtiele schaduwspel. Die stof is ook prachtig, ik mag me gelukkig prijzen met een moeder die ook zulke mooie lappen kan verven, ik heb er al heel wat van liggen, eeuwig zonde om er niks mee te doen. Zal er eens snel verandering in brengen.