Thursday, 29 July 2010

Silk Journal Cover

Remember the silk paper I made a while ago? I used it to make a cover for an A5 Visual Art Diary.

It is for sale in my Made It shop, here.
The shop is doing very nicely :-) and the fact that Thea wrote an enthousiastic posting about my Dutch Houses card has certainly helped. Thanks Thea!

A while ago I was aked to design a Boy and Girl Calligram design. That led to this fabric, which is now for sale on Spoonflower. I loved doing this commission!

Also for sale is this Tree fabric, based on a photo of a frangipani tree I took a while ago and posted on my daily photo blog. I have ordered a FQ myself to make a bag out of it.

And finally, there are some more new calligram fabrics for sale - not just the ones shown here, but also a Lobster, Moose, Narwhal, Penguin, Swan, Turtle... My calligram alphabet is almost complete! (but I don't think the quilt will be finished in time for Robbie's birthday in September...) You can find them all on my Spoonflower page.

The quilt for Australia Wide 2 is finished and submitted. I'll let you know the outcome. I'm still thinking about the quilt for the Creative Arts Spectacular event...

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Judy Warner said...

I love the colors in the journal cover, Linda. I went back to the link on silk paper. Is there a link to the Down Under Textiles site you could share?