Saturday, 3 July 2010

Creative moments

As I told you in an earlier posting, hubby is in Europe (in the Netherlands right now), so I am a single parent at the moment. Thankfully the kids are all well again, but as it it the school holidays here it is quite a demanding job to keep them all entertained. So demanding that when the boys are in bed I am too exhausted to do anything creative. I had hoped to do a lot of quilting these weeks, but haven't done anything yet :-(.

However, today we were creative! I had bought sketchbooks and new pencils for the boys, and they all started drawing with gusto! Hugo and Robbie made one drawing each and then went off to do other things, but Ernst (5) kept on going and filled about ten pages of his new book!

And he made some really nice drawings - this one's my favourite:

The boat and car are also very nice:

I took my Sketchbook Project sketchbook and made these (not very good) drawings of Robbie and Ernst:

I also did some 'doodling' (something I never do!) and managed to fill five pages of my book!

Now I am going to crash on the couch and watch a dvd. Somewhere in the back of my mind a quilt called Exhaustion is starting to take shape...!

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