Sunday, 18 July 2010

A new quilt

Yes, I still make quilts! Here is a sneak peek of the one I I started a few weeks ago and all but finished today - I only need to sew back the binding. Hubby took the boys to a playground and I got the day off to work on the quilt (well, I think I earned it after being on my own with the boys for the whole of the school holidays!). It is my entry for Australia Wide Two, Ozquilt Network's travelling exhibition.

I also designed a new fabric on Spoonflower - I started with a photo I made of a Grevillea (in case you are wondering what that is; there is a one on my photo blog too. It's not the same photo but it is the same Grevillea ;-). Do you like it?

You can still leave a comment on my last posting, to go in the draw for a small handmade item. Just give me some feedback on my new Made It shop, Blue Jacaranda. Speaking of which, I had my first sale within hours of opening the shop (yay!) and I am adding new items at this very moment (yes, I always do several things at the same time on the computer). So do go there and have a look. And if you like what you see, please tell your friends! Thanks! :-))


Aart said...

Ik ben benieuwd naar jouw quilt en heb de foto's bekeken, Die van Ruth de Vos spreken mij heel erg aan.

Margeeth said...

The sneakpeak of your new quilt looks intrigueing. I love the colour.
And yes, you definitively earned your day off from the children after having been alone with them during the school holidays. But that remark did remind me a little of my mother and mother in law, who always get very indignant when I dare to go away for a day by myself (leaving the children with DH). I think every mother has a right to some time for herself (if possible of course) whether she earned it or not. I mean has anyone asked whether your DH earned his trip to the Netherlands, leaving his family behind?