Saturday, 10 July 2010

More chalk cloth projects - and an idea...

After making the chalk cloth placemats last week I ordered some more chalk cloth and oil cloth and made some more things.

A gift tag:

A placemat for a little girl:

And one for a little boy:

These placemats can be rolled up and tied, so you can take them to a restaurant, waiting room or wherever else you would want to have them to keep a little one occupied. They have a small pocket for a wipe cloth and a piece of chalk.

(I didn't invent these projects myself but found them on the internet - I have mentioned Jackie's blog before and also found a lot of stuff on this wonderful blog; Oilcloth Addict)

I am thinking of opening a Made It shop to try and sell these items - Made It is the Australian version of Etsy. Etsy is so big that I am afraid of 'drowning' there and postage costs to Europe and the US would make most of my stuff too expensive anyway...

I would be glad to receive some feedback on this plan! Do you like these items? Would you consider buying them? Or point them out to someone who is looking for a present?

(I know, it isn't as if I don't have anything else to do... But I like making these small things every now and then, and it might be fun to have an online shop...!)


Aart said...

Linda, ik hou van jouw plannen, misschien gaat dit wel lopen, ik ken de situatie bij jou niet, maar het zijn leuke en handige kado's voor mensen met kinderen. Ik wens je alle goeds, je quilt voor je MIL is mooi, de quilt zal het nu wel warm hebben, er wordt 35 graden Celsius voorspeld.

becced said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. It looks like people ask quite a lot for their stuff on the Made It site (going from the short look I had). So if you can make your prices competitive, I'm sure you'll do very well. I love your things anyway. What's the rate you have to pay to sell your things?

Lynn Cohen said...

These are just adorable. A great idea all around. Try the selling. I have sold a few things on Etsy and on Zazzle, but not enough to make a living yet. But some people do. I guess it depends on what it is you are selling. Wishing you luck on this endeavor.

Jackie said...

Awesome Linda!

I would try and sell them... I can tell you, that in the little craft store in my little town, the things selling are my chalk placemats and my purses... go for it!