Friday, 16 April 2010

New Thermofax screens

This week my thermofax screens arrived from the USA (Lyric Kinard makes them). So I had a delightful evening playing with them. The Doors print looks great, I think.

I had my Houses of Amsterdam design made into a small screen, to make ATCs. And I also ordered a small screen of this delightful penny-farthing picture (from this free clip-art site) to use in my bicycle quilt.


Banaghaisge said...

they look like a lot of fun!
Been thinking of doing a penny farthing something for my friend Brendan who not only makes wonderful 'stuff' for films and ads but also made his own penny farthing that he races around on. Oh, and also rebuilt a Hispano Suiza - HUGE car from the 1920s. He is very clever!
Love your gymnastics series, you are making some fantastic art, congratulations!

Lindi said...

I think all 3 look great, Linda. I would love to know more about thermofax screens. Must go and google them. :) can't wait to see your creative results.

Unknown said...

These remind me of the pics they had in the 'Coles Funny Picture Books' series we had as a child. Actually think I still have them in the bookcase! So used to love those book. The look of old fashioned plate printing which the name of escapes me right now!

Unknown said...

Not sure what happened to the comment I just tried to leave.... The prints remind me of the pics in a series of books I loved as a kid 'Coles Funny Picture Books' as they have that very old fashioned printing method (which I can't remember the name of!) look to them.

Chloe said...

I hadn't realised that you could things like this made - you are a fountain of information. Thanks for sharing.