Sunday, 4 April 2010

Historical quilts and kaleidoscope fun

Today we went to the Ipswich Art Gallery. I really wanted to see The Fabric of Society, an exhibition of historical Australian quilts. Although antique quilts are not really my cup of tea, I do admire the creativity and craft of the women who made these quilts, some literally from scraps of clothes, uniforms, blankets etc. Unfortunately (but understandably) making photos was not allowed.

For the kids there was a delightful exhibition as well: The Real Thing: interactive kaleidoscope fun. With a life-size kaleidoscope (do click on the pics to enlarge them!):

and some computers with amazing graphic software that I wouldn't mind having on my own computer, to create gorgeous mandalas and other masterpieces:

Highly recommended if you are near Ipswich (40 km west of Brisbane), with or without kids!


Dianne said...

A group of us Toowoomba ladies are going to the Exhibition on Tuesday and have booked in to meet with Annette Gero. We are all looking forward to it very much. We are doing a little retail therapy while we are out and about as well! Nice they had something for the children too.

Corryna said...

Je blog heeft een mooi rustig uiterlijk gekregen Linda. Het ziet er zo ook professioneler uit. Je bent goed bezig :-).