Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ernst and Ernst, again

Remember the lino prints I made of my son Ernst? This is the quilt I made out of one of those prints (I showed a sneak peek here). It was not accepted for The New Quilt 2010, so I can post it here now. After quilting it I discharged the face and neck with discharge paste and discharge-dyed the shirt with discharge paste mixed with fabric paint. I love the resulting green colour! (the original fabric is a commercial dark blue)

In the meantime I have quilted another print, white paint on a handdyed purple fabric. This time I just free-motion quilted the lines and the edges of the print, and satin-stitched the edges of the quilt. I think I prefer this quilt, although it is very floppy because of the minimal quilting. Maybe mounting it on canvas would be an option here... What do you think?

Anyway, I love my Ernst! ;-)

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A3jana said...

I like both! But the one with only lines is more friendly looking ;-))