Friday, 10 July 2009


We're back in Brissy, and even though it was wonderful to be back in my home country, it is good to be home!

On our last day in the Netherlands we visited a pancake farm where this peacock was showing off for a peahen. I managed to get some good pics of him and immediately thought of my next bird quilt... I may do a peacock quilt after all!

I'm really looking forward to start making quilts again. I visited one quiltshop in the Netherlands (this one, in Zutphen) and bought some Den Haan and Wagenmakers fabric (Dutch reproduction fabric).

I've also brought back lots of selvedges, sent to my mother-in-law's house by several Dutch quilters (thank you!). So the first thing to do is finish the selvedge quilt. Then there is the quilt for my mother-in-law, some journal quilts and maybe a quilt for Robbie's 3rd birthday (September 15th)... And of course the quilt for Art Quilts Around the World - the new theme is When or where sea and land meet. A very inspiring theme. The unveiling of the connctions quilts was on June 30th, when we were in the Netherlands. Here you can see my Connexion quilt.

Something else I bought in Zutphen, on the market: this plastic-coated fabric:

It's cute, isn't it?! Meant for a table cloth, but I'm thinking of making a bag out of it...

It's too late now but tomorrow I will start sewing! :-)


Unknown said...

Welcome home Linda!

Dianne said...

Welcome 'home' Linda and hope you had a good trip. Enjoyed your posts while you were away. I just love the blue and white fabric and it reminds me of the delft?sp tiles. I carried one all the way home from The Netherlands in the 1970's and have always loved the motifs on these tiles.

Rachel Biel said...

How fun and what a great trip! Just came over to check out your blog and to welcome you to our Fiber Focus Group!

jolie said...

wat een leuk tafelkleed... een stukje Nederland in huis.