Monday, 13 July 2009

Giveaway Day at Dye Candy!

Fellow AQATW-member Chris has a giveaway at her blog Dye Candy. If you leave a comment you have a chance of winning one of her gorgeous handdyed fabrics or delightful Quilt Block Jewelry. Do go there and have a look! (and by posting this I have just tripled my chance of winning something ;-))

Yesterday I finished the 36th block of the selvedge QAYG quilt! Unfortunately I can't show a pic, for DH has taken the camera to Beijing where he is attending a conference this week.

Although I don't really want to make any more blocks, I must admit that the quilt would be just too short with only 36 blocks... so I will have to make another 12. Sigh. Oh well, better get on with it...