Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Exciting times

Forty-six blocks done! It is a bit hard now to photograph all the blocks laid out (have to remove the furniture first), so I'll just show you some of the blocks I have made so far. I am trying to achieve a colourwash effect, from red to purple with all of the colours of the rainbow in between. Apart from that there are some theme blocks, like an Australian fabric block, a few children's fabric blocks, a Halloween block and a Christmas block. (click on the photos for a larger view)

For the backing of the blocks I have mainly used plain fabrics (most of them handdyed) and tried to match it with the colours used on the front. It looks like this:

I hope to make the last 2 blocks tonight, and to start sewing them all together tomorrow. If all goes well I intend to have the quilt finished before the end of the month.

Why the hurry? Because Down Under Quilts is going to have an article on selvedge itmes in its November issue and they would like to include this quilt! So it has to be in Sydney on August 10th... Well, it's good for me to have a deadline.

It's not as if I did not have enough excitement at the moment - I am in the process of applying for a PhD candidature at the University of Queensland. My subject is the transmission of tuberculosis in Queensland and especially in the Indigenous population, and I will continue to work part time as a data manager at the Queensland TB Control Centre as well. (and contine to make quilts, I hope!)


Margeeth said...

Oh look, I can recognize a lot of the selvedges I sent you!

Unknown said...

ONG Linda, You don't have time to do anything but sew! The blocks are amazing! Good luck


Jantine said...

That is exciting, a quilt in a magazine! good luck on getting it together before the 10th. At least you have the quilting done ;-).

Marlene said...

Linda, this looks amazing. It is going to be stunning when it is put together.
Will look forward to seeing it in DUQ