Sunday, 19 July 2009

Creative Arts Spectacular

This weekend Hugo's school organised the Creative Arts Spectacular event at The Old Museum in Brisbane. We couldn't be at the Gala Opening yesterday night (no babysitter) but we did go to the Family Fun Day today, and had a lovely day. There were lots of art activities for the kids - Ernst (4) had a go at monoprinting:

And Hugo (6) at etching:

Here are the results:

(Hugo just had his (first) report and scored 'very high' on Visual Art, with the comment: 'Hugo visually represents and explains his experiences, feelings, ideas and observations through making images and objects with a very high level of skill.' Do you agree with his teacher? I do!)

There also was an exhibition of emerging local artists, which had some beautiful pieces. We bought this small painting by Dave Behrens:

And we couldn't resist this piece by Roulcomlight (Hersey) Jingle, an indigenous artist from North Queensland, now living in Brisbane. It is called Global Recession. I think it is marvellous.

As you can see in the ticker I put on the blog, I only need to make 4 more selvedge blocks! I have a very good reason to finish it quickly now, and will tell you all about that in the next posting...

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Jantine said...

Succes met je laatste selvage blokken, ik word nu wel heel nieuwsgierig? Visite of verhuizen?