Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Entered my quilt!

I have just entered my Rainbow quilt into State of the Art quilt 2009! I don't really expect it will be juried in, but I had fun making it and who knows... I won't show a pic here yet - not sure if that is allowed. There's no mentioning of it in the Conditions of Entry, but better be safe than sorry.

I did the last lesson of the Cotton Dyeing Basics class last Sunday. This one was about overdyeing. I used the solid pieces from lesson 1, as I was quite sure I wouldn't use them in a project. I made the red and blue pieces a lot brighter and more vibrant and am very happy with the result (the picture does not do them justice):

I scrunched up the yellow fabric and put it in some blue dye; the result, as expected, is a greenish fabric with yellow splotches:

The greyish piece dyed with leftover dyes was put in a purple bath and turned into a gorgeous blueish-purple mottled fabric:

The piece that was dipped into the 3 leftover dyes went into the red and blue dye again (not leftover though this time) and was turned into a very nice and colourful piece:

And finally I dyed a few pieces of a very cheap calico bought at Sp*tl*ght. Instead of purple they turned out a brownish red, with lots of white specks where the fabric didn't take the dye. A big difference with the fabric bought at the quiltstore. Which goes to show that good quality fabric is esential for dyeing, I guess.

This class was a lot of fun and I will surely sign up for the Quilter's Palette class in February 2009.

I have been able to cross a lot of things off my to do-list lately! (selvedge bag, 2QAQ quilt, birthday blocks) The next project will probably be the stellar quilt for ATWI20Q, but I also have a Carpet Bag and a High Street Messenger Bag waiting to be finished... Maybe this is a good time to do so!

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Chris Daly said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all your creativity. Where do you find the time? Good luck with your rainbow quilt! Chris