Friday, 10 October 2008

Birthday blocks

You may remember that I belong to a Dutch birthday block list. As the last member of the list has now had her birthday, I can show you the blocks I made for this list in the past year.

I am not going to sign up for this again, as I want to spend my precious quilting time on my own projects and besides, mail between The Netherlands and Australia too often goes astray (I still only have 7 blocks out of 12 for my birthday), which is very frustrating.

But it was fun to make blocks I would not have chosen to make for myself. I discovered I really like making crazy blocks, but I do not like applique at all!
Piecing the winding ways block (nr. 7) was a disaster, but I enjoyed the Chinese lantern and the house blocks.

I am also still waiting for 5 envelopes from the FQ lists... Something else I won't be doing again. Although I sent multiple emails about our change of address (one at the time of the move and another about a month before my birthday), quite a few FQs were sent to the old address, where they have never arrived, according to the new tenant... As we are still renting and may well have to move again next year (I hate the Australian renting system) I am not going to risk this again. Oh well, I hope I will be dyeing my own fabric mostly from now on anyway...

I have started on a quilt for the 2QAQ show next year - the deadline is October 30th, so have to work hard now! I am using my handdyed fabrics and so far quite happy with the results. The top is finished and I am thinking very hard about how to quilt it. I'm not going to show it here yet, as I am not sure if that is allowed.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the Quilt Indulgence Festival here in Brisbane. I'm looking forward very much to seeing the Quilts of Gee's Bend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

I enjoy reading your blog and can understand what your are saying about the renting system in OZ. We don't rent and migrated to OZ 25 years ago, but still there is a lot to be learned from overseas regarding renting. Just because people are renting doesn't mean they like to move every 6 or so month. Anyway keep up with the lovely images of your blog.