Saturday, 25 October 2008

Carpetbag nr. 2

Last year I made a Carpetbag. I loved that bag and used it so much it had become very threadbare... so I bought some nice fabric to make another one, with the same frame. It has been laying here for months but last week I finally got on with it. Almost finished it before the op, but not quite... so I sewed the last stitches yesterday. And here it is!

Even DH commented that it looked really chic!

Now I have the dilemma of deciding which bag to take to the quiltshow tomorrow - the selvedge bag or this one??? ;-)


Lindi said...

The bag looks good, Linda, but so does the selvedge one. Either would look good for the quilt show, but which one holds the most? No good looking good if you have to stop buying because you can't carry any more! lol

Corryna said...

This one Linda! I think you can buy more if you take this one along :-). Otherwise it is hard to decide.