Friday, 25 January 2008

Sydney and more ATCs

I haven't done much this week, because DH and I went to Sydney for a few days, while the grandparents stayed with the boys. Sydney was wonderful, it was great to have a mini holiday. Haven't thought about quilts or ATCs at all, except when I looked at this:


Can you guess what it is?
That's right - it's a close-up of the roof of the Sydney Opera House! Inspiring, isn't it?


(more pics on our Dutch blog!)

Before we left, I managed to make 2 more ATCs, called 'About me: Dutch quilter in Oz':


I 'stole' the idea from Sharon and used a lovely charm square with windmills on it that Cathy sent me to represent The Netherlands, koala fabric that I bought for Ernst's I Spy quilt to represent Australia, sewing machine fabric to represent the quilting and scraps of my favourite fabrics (that I used for Hugo's magic quilt and Robbie's baby quilt) to put between them.
I have more of the 3 main fabrics, so will make some more of these, with other strips between them.

I really must make some more ATCs, as I have had so many reactions on the postings here that I don't have enough ATCs at the moment to swap!

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Annelies said...

Your ATC's are beautiful. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures on you Dutch blog.