Thursday, 31 January 2008


Not much sewing has been done this week, as my sewing machine was away to be serviced.
I did finish the book for Hugo, made from the wallpaper I bought at Reverse Garbage. Karla gave me a crash course in bookbinding! He can use it as a sketch-book - he likes drawing. It's a present for his 5th birthday, the day after tomorrow. I am rather happy with how it turned out:


I finished a set of ATCs, but can't show them here yet as they are for the SCQ-ATC swap in April. Have to make 2 sets more, one is in progress, the other has yet to be designed.
I am also working on some other ATCs, to trade with people who responded to this blog. Will show them here soon!

And I signed up for a course at, called Tools of the Trade. Sounds like a good way to learn all about my machine! The course starts on February 9th. I'll keep you posted!


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Linda you've been tagged :-) voor meer info moet je even op mijn weblog kijken. -groetjes, Shirley