Friday, 18 January 2008


I have started on the baby quilt and am also making some more ATCs. Nothing to show yet, but I thought I'd show you the ATCs I have received so far.


1 4 7 8
2 5
3 6 9 10

Nrs 1 and 2 are from Helen in Tasmania, nr 3 is from Cat. Nrs 4 and 5 are from Sue, nr 6 is from Corry in The Netherlands. Nr 7 is from Sharon in Victoria, nr. 8 is from Mandy and nrs 9 and 10 are from Margeeth.

I found this to put them in:


Looks good, don't you think? And now to fill it...


Annelies said...

You have received beautiful ATC's !!

Delia (Del) said...

Hay they look great.
Like to swap one with me.

Margeeth said...

They look nice together. To bad my MIL (Corry) doesn't have internet, I will show her sometimes when she is visiting us.