Monday, 14 January 2008

Sun Hat

Not a quilt this week, but Amy Butler's Blue Sky Hat:


Not very difficult to make, but it's a bit floppy - next time I may use another stabiliser than the duck cloth she mentions in the pattern.

Thanks for all the votes! The kookaburra is clearly the favourite - well, I completely agree!

Last week friends in The Netherlands had a baby, so I will start a small baby quilt one of these days. I think I will make a disappearing nine-patch with the flannel scraps I have.

I've also started making a book out of the wallpaper I bought at Reverse Garbage (see posting of December 23rd). It's almost finished, so I hope I can show it here soon.

PS 5000 visitors in 8 months - wow! Thank you all for coming here! I really appreciate it!

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corry said...

Leuke hoed en hij staat je goed!