Thursday, 12 May 2016

2016 SAQA Benefit Auction Quilt: Colouring In

I love the current trend of colouring in for adults and have a small pile of colouring books - ranging from a Tula Pink colouring book to a Game of Thrones one (A Christmas present from my hubby! But to be honest, I haven't filled any pages yet - I'm usually too busy sewing...). My favourite is the one on top - the small Mindfulness Colouring Book, with simple, often geometric colouring pages (it must be the traditional quilter in me). I coloured in quite a few pages of that one last year, while waiting for my middle son to finish his acting classes.

My eyes fell on that book when I was trying to decide what to do for my 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction quilt, and suddenly I thought of a colouring in quilt! I quilted a triangle grid that I would enjoy colouring in myself and wondered what to use for the pencil strokes. Then I remembered the spool of Aurifloss I recently received from the lovely peeps at Aurifil - as you may have noticed from the blog button in the sidebar, I am now an Aurifil blogger, and very proud and honoured to be one!

I wound a bobbin with the Aurifloss and turned the quilt around to sew from the back and fill in the triangles. For the top thread I used Aurifil 50wt threads in matching colours:

The pencils are appliquéd with the same threads. It was a fun little project that has now been sent off to the USA to be auctioned in September. You can see the other Auction quilts here - there are some fabulous little works of art among them!

Stay tuned for the SAQA Oceania Blog Hop that will take place in the weeks before the Auction, similar to the one we did in 2013!

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