Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gymnastics bag 2

Yesterday I made a gymnastics bag for my youngest son Robert (7) who, like his older brother, is a competitive gymnast. He is in Level 2 now and had his first competition in June, where he won his first silver medal, on rings! This weekend he has his second competition, the Junior Regional Championships. Very exciting!

It's a simple drawstring bag made from two of my Spoonflower gymnastics fabrics and lined with plain white cotton. I made a similar bag for Hugo in 2010:

It has been used intensively for 3.5 years and is still keeping up very well! Hugo loves it and even prefers it to the cool Gymnastics Queensland backpack he got this year as part of the Queensland team. I have stitched his Level patches onto the bag (Level 2 is on a singlet and he skipped Level 5):

Here are both bags. I hope Robert's bag will be used as much as Hugo's!

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