Friday, 22 August 2014

Good news

Yesterday I received an email telling me that my quilt Speed had been selected to appear in 1000 Quilt Inpirations by Sandra Sider, due to be published by Quarry Books in December 2015. How exciting!

This little quilt (A4 size) is getting a fair bit of limelight, for it was also featured in the American magazine Quilting Arts in 2011. It lives in Holland, as I made it for my uncle who loves cycling. I will have to get him a copy of the book!

More good news: a dear friend bought my Forest quilt and it is now hanging in her home office. That is making me very happy! :-)


Kate said...

'Forest' makes **me** very happy - I have wanted it for a long time. The more I look at it the more I love it!

quilthexle said...

YES, these are great news - congratulations on both ! And it is so nice to read that the buyer is sooo happy with her new quilt ;-)

Marijke said...

Congrats. A couple of mine made it into the book as well, not sure which though.