Sunday, 3 August 2014

A new hat

At the moment I am working on the largest art quilt I have ever made (I showed a sneak peek in the previous posting). I have put in many hours of quilting already (and also quilte a few hours of unpicking...) and about 75% of the quilt is finished now. This weekend I really felt like doing some quick and easy projects, so first I made a present for one of our nieces in Holland, who turns one in a few weeks - will show it here when it has arrived. And then I made a hat! A reversible one - the black side was supposed to be the main side, but as it turns out I like the lilac side better!

The pattern is from Betz White - I have been following her blog since last year, when I bought her book Sewing Green, and when she announced Sew-long Summer!, a reversible Bucket Head Sew-along a few days ago, I decided to join in (even though it is winter here Down Under). The black fabric is my favourite Thea & Sami handprinted fabric and the lilac is one I've had for years (I made a halter top out of it in 2008).
Very happy with my new hat! :-)

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