Friday, 19 October 2012

Queensland Quilt Show 2012

On Wednesday I was at the Queensland Quilt Show, at the 2QAQ table with Glad, Sue and Jane. We demonstrated some techniques - I made this piece of burlap:

People kept asking 'But what will it be?' - I don't know yet!

The quilt show was amazing; there were more than 500 quilts! The red and white quilts from the Mount Isa region looked spectacular:

I had entered two quilts; Wooyung:

.. and my Zebra, which had been folded and looked terrible :-(

I discovered that The Final Round was also at the show, with the other State of the Art quilt 12 quilts:

I had planned not to buy anything but couldn't resist this book - I have been wanting to read it for quite a while:

I have almost finished it and will post a review soon!

I took something else home: Cycle of Life, which has been at a number of exhibitions and even a visit to the SAQA/SDA Conference in Philadelphia! It's been away for 18 months and I am so glad to have it back home! It is my favourite of all my quilts.

I had a lovely day at the show - unfortunately I had to leave early to pick up the boys from school. Hubby is in New Zealand at the moment, so I am temporarily a single parent. I had forgotten how much time and energy it takes when you have to do it all by yourself... which of course shows how much hubby usually does!

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