Monday, 1 October 2012

Back from the beach

Yesterday we came back from our short holiday at the beach. Here are some of the photos I took - above is a Brahminy Kite; below an Osprey:

The lovely landscape just behind the beach:

And, of course, the treasures I found at the beach:

We had a stressful night when my youngest son discovered that his Bear was missing - he had left it at the shops in the afternoon. We were very happy when we found it there again the next day ('I almost binned it', said the lady at the shop...) Bear has been with Robbie his whole life - we can't do without him!

Apart from that episode it was a relaxed holiday and I feel well rested. Ready to start working very hard to take my business, Blue Jacaranda, to the next level in these three last months of the year. As you know I lost my job at Queensland Health and I am determined to make an income from my shop. I am working on a website, planning a new range of items, writing an article for a magazine and even thinking of writing a book!

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