Monday, 7 November 2011

DUQ and vintage maps

Today I finally got a copy of Down Under Quilts issue 150, which features two of my quilts in the article about Log Cabin quilts: Loca and Len's Quilt.

You can sign up for the digital version of the magazine for free on this website. There's lots of eye candy in this anniversary number!

This morning my youngest son was sick, so I had take care leave and stay at home with him. I took the opportunity to build my network on Etsy and made a Treasury (a list featuring 16 items on a certain theme or colour that are all for sale on Etsy) featuring items made out of vintage atlas pages. To my great surprise this Treasury really took off and it has now had 1073 views! (as a comparison, my most successful treasury before this one had 133 views!)

Here are two of the items I have featured; on the left Large Vintage map stuffed heart from seller Serendipity Child and on the right Origin of the Unit 3 from seller TerrorDome.

Making Treasuries is very addictive, there are so many gorgeous items on Etsy! Please go and have a look at this one, I'm really proud of it! You can find it here: Maps are really useful.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Linda. Your Atlas pieces are very interesting and I really liked "Speed 2". The Len's quilt is amazing. Nice word play in the title, too!
best, nadia