Sunday, 6 November 2011

Back from the retreat

I am back from the quilting retreat organised by Julie - it was a lovely weekend, thanks Julie!

The venue was great - Edmund Park in Thornton, in the beautiful Lockyer Valley region. The food was great too, and the cook very cute ;-).

This was the view from the deck where we had our meals:

And what did I do? Well, I was a bit disorganized - I finished quilting the Alphabet Calligram Quilt (see first photo) but forgot to bring fabric for the binding. I also finished quilting a small ice skating quilt but forgot the fabric for the facing... I sandwiched the printed fabric I showed you in the last posting, but spend all Saturday and today quilting the quilt for the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition. I finished it just in time and now I only have to do the facing. I won't show it here yet though as I am not sure if that is allowed. I will show you the Calligram Quilt and ice-skating quilt soon!

To make up for the lack of quilt photos here are a few other photos I took this weekend. There were lots of wallabies:

The whole complex, with gorgeous jacaranda tree:

I love how the container lids have the same colour as the jacaranda flowers!

The sun shining on the deck:

A gorgeous little flower:

Purple seems to be the colour of the weekend!

And last but not least - on Friday we visited a Christmas Craft Mmarket in Gatton, where they had this sign:


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Dianne said...

Love that sign and firmly believe in the sentiments. Sounds like a great place for a retreat. Will keep it in mind for our club and/or members. You achieved much.