Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some serious screen printing

Today my darling hubby took the boys to the park, so I had a couple of hours to do some serious screen printing. I had managed to dye some fabrics yesterday and was ready to try out my new big screen. I decided to print some large divers:

The first print wasn't too sharp...

But the next ones got better and better. This is the third print; the fourth was even better but I am not showing you that one yet ;-).

I found that I don't like the big sqeegee and decided to use the old one, even if it is a bit small for the big screen.
With my old screen (which felt very small and nicely familiar after the big one) I made some ice skater prints for a new quilt:

I printed some Dutch Houses on fabric scraps to make postcards - they are a big hit in my MadeIt shop.

A while ago I found this smallish Poinciana seed pod (usually they are much bigger) and kept it to use for stamping on fabric:

It turned out beautifully!

I had a lovely day and can't wait to start sewing lots of new projects!


Quiltloversnl said...

Mooi scherp de laatste zeefdruk. Bijzonder dat je het hele vlak drukt en de afbeelding uitspaart, zeker op dat grote oppervlak.
De pods zijn zeer 'fotogeniek', wat een mooi resultaat geeft dat!

Lynn Cohen said...

Linda, that banner quilt is fantabulous! Wow!!! You have really developed a wonderful theme here and are going gangbusters on it. I loved your article and quilts in Quilting Arts Magazine! Have to give that another shout out and hope everyone buys it to see. Congratulations again.
Your screen prints look divine!