Friday, 31 December 2010


You may remember that my word for 2010 was identity. As I said in my first post of 2010: This year I want to develop more of a personal style in my art quilts, an identity. I think it is already forming but I want to consciously develop it further.

Looking at the most succesful quilts I made this year, and also my personal favourites; Balance 1 and 2 (the first one was sold in the SAQA Auction, the second selected for inclusion in the exhibition Petite Miniature Textiles at the Wangaratta Gallery), I think I succeeded - especially when looking at these two quilts, Speed and Monstera deliciosa, that clearly have the same 'signature'. What do you think?

(I have made another cyclist quilt this year that I am not showing here yet, but am very happy with.)

Another succes story was Grrr Argh, a fun little quilt that won a Highly Commended at the Thread Studio Textile Tantrum Challenge. And the lino printed portrait of my son Ernst is one of my personal favourites.

Here are two quilts of a kind: Forest for Dijanne Cevaal's KISS challenge and The Four Seasons for my mother-in-law, shown here hanging in her living room. I like them but don't feel this is really my style.

I made two optical illusion quilts; Len's Quilt, from a pattern by Lerusisik (which I think will be the last quilt I will ever make from a pattern), and Op Art Quilt, my own design, for the Creative Arts Spectacular Auction for my sons' school. I love optical illusions bot don't think I will make any more of these soon.

Finally I made a traditional baby quilt for our niece and finished the play quilt for Robbie. And I made four quilts for Art Quilts Around the World; (clockwise) A Rose is a Rose, Stone Soup, Doors and my self portrait quilt, Linda Warhol, which will be unveiled today along with the other self portraits.

I also made three bags: the polka dotted backpack for my BFF Hylkia, the bag for the Embellish a Bag Challenge, and the gymnastics bag for my son Hugo. I love bags, and making bags, and am sure I will continue making them!

What else did I do... Make a lot of postcards, a few ATCs and two pairs of zebra pants!

I designed a lot of calligram fabrics and some other fabrics at Spoonflower - something I found I love doing and am actually quite good at, in so far that people seem to like my fabrics and often buy them!

I set up Blue Jacaranda, my online store, which was fun... And I changed the name and the look of the blog. Wow, I had a busy year! But I loved it. Non-quiltwise, it was also a good year, with a trip to a conference in Berlin and a short holiday in the Netherlands, my first paper accepted in a public health journal, DH and our boys doing well... Yes, I am a happy person!

Tomorrow I will tell you my plans for 2011. Now I have to go and do the shopping! ;-)

PS (back from the shopping) Of course I wish you all a very happy, colourful and creative 2011! Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you will keep following me in the new year!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
I can definitely see your identity in your works. This has been a very productive year for you artwise, along with all of your other commitments. Be proud, and keep up the good work!

Happy New Year,
Linda Laird
San Diego