Monday, 20 December 2010

Play Quilt for Robbie

Yesterday I found Robbie's play quilt while I was looking for something else... You may remember that I got these house blocks in a birthday swap in (oops) 2008. I made the quilt top at the retreat in 2009 and started quilting it in June 2010... I used some green polar fleece for the backing, but discovered that it was very stretchy and made the quilt very wobbly. I unpicked some of the quilting and then put it away. Until now - I decided to just finish it by turning the edges and stitch it with a zigzag. I know I am not going to spend a lot of time on making it look better and Robbie (and his brothers) like it anyway!

Robbie even wanted it on his bed when he went to sleep:

Next: the alphabet calligram quilt for Robbie! (he is going to have a proper quilt as well!)


Jantine said...

Wie wat bewaard heeft wat ;-). En snel resultaat ook nog. Gelukkig wordt hij nu gebruikt, dat is toch het allerbelangrijkste. Hij ziet er leuk uit!

A3jana said...

Hij is erg leuk geworden Linda! (ik zag mijn "eigen" blokjes er ook tussen. Bij mijn dochter ligt de wegenquilt ook vaak op de grond om op te spelen, zó leuk!
Het is hier nu erg wit en vol sneeuw en ook best wel koud, dus ik ben een beetje jaloers op de temperatuur bij jullie ;-))

Judy Warner said...

What a great idea! I am sure they will get many hours of play!