Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Weekend away

We had visitors from overseas here last week and spent a long weekend with them on North Stradbroke Island (commonly known as Straddie). So I haven't done much quilting, but I did get to photograph some gorgeous scenery.

I love this Umbrella Tree:

I also love my hubby and bubby ;-)

I have amost finished quilting Len's Quilt and hope to finish it this week. It helps that school is back on this week and that bubby is starting Kindy on Friday!

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Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Hi Linda!

Your fantastic photos have just taken me on a "trip down memory lane" so to speak! I spent EVERY holiday at Point Lookout on Straddie from when I was about 4 to 25!!! My family also lived there for a time and when I was about 17 I caught beach worms and sold them at our local shop.... so thank you for posting the pics!!

Yes, I am so glad that school has returned today... at last some quality sewing time!