Friday, 8 January 2010

Len's Quilt Top

Today is DH's birthday (39!) and his quilt top is almost finished. I want to add a wider border in a black and white fabric, but do not have time for that today. However, the most important part is finished - and you can be sure I will not ever make this quilt again!

Tomorrow DH and I fly to Melbourne, while the grandparents mind the boys. We will be there until Tuesday and look forward very much to a weekend strolling around the city, having leisurely meals at restaurants, visiting museums etc! On Sunday we are having lunch with the Melbourne members of Art Quilts Around the World at the Observatory Cafe at the Botanic Gardens. I'm really looking forward to that as well!


Anne said...

Wow ... that quilt looks amazing! I hope you like hot weather as your trip to Melbourne will strike four very hot days including one over 40 degrees. Carry plenty of water! The botanic gardens are lovely, we have had rain at helpful intervals but it will all brown off again after this weekend.

A3jana said...

Happy Birthday for your Hubby!!! What a beautiful quilt will that be!! I like your colors, I never saw this before. Most of them I saw with bleu's and greens and mixed colors.
Have a nice weekend, even when it is hot ;-))

greetings, Adrie

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Happy Birthday, and Wow! that is the only word that came to me o this wuilt, it looks amazing, well done.

Kate said...

Love the quilt!!

Also - be sure and especially enjoy the "etc" part of your time away!!

Lynn Cohen said...

ohmygod this is incrediable.

Enjoy Sunday. See my spirit flying overhead, remember to toast my presence. ;-)))
Hi to everyone there!!!!

Margeeth said...

That top turned out great, it makes my head spin!
Congratulations to your DH.

petra said...

ha linda,
ik lees bij iedereen die deze quilt gemaakt heeft, dat ze het beslist niet nog een keer gaan doen, erg grappig:-))
ik begin er gewoon niet aan, ook een oplossing
doei petra
sorry, my english is not so good...

prashant said...
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