Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The last one

Here is the last gymnast (top right). Now I will try to make a pleasing composition with six of the thirty-odd gymnast prints I have made.

And here are some works of art made by my 6-year old, Hugo. This is the brave knight fighting the dragon, while the princess and her father, the king, are watching.

And these are two pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs). I love how he has added the sky, sun and sea.

The first drawing was made for me but the second one is for sale! Hugo said he was going to make a lot of drawings and sell them, so he would have some money. When I asked why he needed money, he said that he wanted to buy plane tickets so we could go to the Netherlands. We have been telling the boys that it will be a long time (2 years probably) before our next visit to the Netherlands, because it is so expensive. And he really wants to go there again... He is happy to work on commissions! ;-)

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Lynn Cohen said...

This enterpuner is a delight. What is he asking for his wonderful drawings? I do love them both! Perhaps he should open an ETSY store.