Friday, 4 September 2009

Gymnastics quilt top

And here they are, all 6 gymnasts. This I think will become the quilt. But first I am going to experiment with some painting/stamping/rubbing/stenciling on some of the other gymnasts.

Hugo is very excited because he actually sold one of his drawings after my last posting. Thanks very much, Lynn! Now when we visit the Netherlands next he can say he actually contributed something to the trip. My budding artist!


Lynn Cohen said...

I am looking forward to owning and hanging my original Huga art work!

Tell him his money is coming soon.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oops that was Hugo!!!

Jantine said...

Love your gymnasts! Must be fun playing with them. And the Hugo selling his art! Good job. Hope he will collect lots of money for you to come again!