Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dutch Quilters Guild

Yesterday I received the latest issue of Quiltnieuws ('Quilt news'), the magazine of the Dutch Quilters Guild. I joined the Guild shortly after I started quilting in 2006 and I still am a member, even though I have been living in Australia for 2.5 years now. I love reading this colourful magazine (that's Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat on the front page, I would love to see that musical!) and recognizing names mentioned in it.

Since last month there is a link to this blog on the Guild's website and I have noticed that quite a few guests have come to visit through that link. Welcome to you all! I hope you enjoy my blog and will come back sometime.

On a not-quilty note: as of today I am an official PhD candidate at the University of Queensland! Although it will probably mean less time for quilting I am very excited about this. The title of my proposed research project is 'The epidemiology of tuberculosis in Queensland as it relates to strategies to prevent transmission, particularly in the indigenous population'.


Unknown said...

PHD! WOW - AWESOME! clever girl. Ears are here when you need! That is a really big call! I so wish I had travelled that path.

Big hugs


Lynn Cohen said...

Yes, if you thought you were busy with hearth and home and kids before adding the PHD program is going to send you over the top.
Congratualtions and wishing you a smooth ride!
Hope we'll still see you in blogland and quiltsville.

Sandra said...

Congratulations Linda. In my distant past I worked at Commonwealth Health Labs in Rockhampton. There were 2 patients in the TB wards at the time and one of them actually had leprosy. I gave up med lab tech for PH so still have an interest in TB.