Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Thanks for all the nice comments on my last posting. I must say that after 4 days camping it still looks terrible to me, but I will buy some fabric for the border on Saturday and, in due course, finish the quilt. Of course the background needs some work as well.

In the meantime I am piecing the backing of the Aussie quilt for Hugo. Only 4 weeks to go until his birthday, so this is my priority now. He has seen some blocks, but not the top as a whole yet.

I have committed myself to making an A4 sized journal quilt once a month this year with the AusNZ Artquilters group (a yahoo group that I belong to). There is a list of themes and techniques for every month, but you are free to do your own thing if you like. I haven't decided yet but think that I will make journal quilts based on things happening in my life.

Of course there is also Around the World in 20 Quilts, my online artquilt group. An idea for the Brave New World Challenge is slowly forming in my mind. When the Aussie is finished I will start on that.

And to end with some photos: even when we are camping there are quilts around!

When the boys go to bed, it usually is quite warm still, but it gets colder at night, so when we go to sleep we cover them with the quilts.
DH is complaining that the boys all have one or more quilts (and Hugo is getting another one!), but there is still no quilt for our bed! ;-)


Jude said...

Lucky boys, they are beautiful quilts..

Sandra said...

Wat een leuke nieuwe plannen voor 2009 allemaal, en goed dat je je uilquiltje nog af gaat maken!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Wel Linda, als DH klaagt dan weet je wat je volgend project moet gaan worden ;-).

Jantine said...

Dan weet je wat je te doen staat, een mooie quilt voor jullie bed, DH tevreden houden wordt anders wel een enorme klus...
Lol op het verificatiewoord, wat ze toch steeds verzinnen; stsubsol, wat is dat nou weer?