Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My first journal quilt

I just finished my first journal quilt for the Aus/NZ Art Quilters group. The proposed theme for January 2009 was Heat - of course you're free to use your own themes, but I thought this one was very appropriate. The idea that I had worked out quite well - I painted the map on Vliesofix and ironed it on some muslin, then quilted the (iso...?) lines.

I do think my thread writing needs some practice though, and am not too happy about the edges (satin stitched, but it makes the quilt wobbly)... Maybe I'll put on a binding after all.

Would love to hear your comments!


Anonymous said...

Linda, You alerted me to your work via AusNZ quilts site as I am also involved in this year's journal quilts. Your idea is very adventurous and I love the effect it has created. Very hot! And your wrinkly border that you dont seem to like is appropriate, even the borders of Australia are wrinkled in the heat. Well done.
Pamela P in Sydney

Dianne said...

Hi Linda, re your satin stitch finish. I saw a really beaut tutorial where the lady uses perle cotton underneath the satin stitch. I used it on a challenge quilt and it worked a treat. Sorry I am unable to find the link for you (after considerable searching grrrrrrr.)Maybe you could try googling it. Your Australia looks just how it feels sometimes mid-summer. Good work.

Anonymous said...

je bent door mij getagged: neem de 4e foto uit je 4e album en vertel hier iets over. Plus kies 4 bloggers uit die jij op jouw beurt weer tagged, als je dit wilt natuurlijk.
Shirley Jacobs

The holidaying librarian said...

Hi Linda
I agree with Pamela. I think the wrinkled border makes you feel the heat and adds to the theme perfectly!
I'm sure you've found the lovely Brisbane humidity has made you feel somewhat heat-wrinkled.
from Sharon
fellow Brisbanite