Thursday, 8 January 2009


Here are a few postcards I received in the last few weeks. This beauty is from Ellen.

The following cards are from fellow ATWI20Q members Lynn, Sue, Joy and Simone, for an end-of-year swap we did in December.

I sent an Australia postcard to the overseas ladies (Lynn and Simone) and these cards to the others:

I love making postcards! I prefer them to ATCs because of the larger format.

Speaking of ATCs and postcards, the Cyber Fyber Exhibition is starting today! You can see the online exhibitions of postcards here and ATCs here (postcard nr. 209 and ATC nr. 24 are mine). Do take a look at these wonderful collections!

I finished the backing of the Aussie quilt and hope to sandwich it tonight!


Anonymous said...

Aloha Linda

Linda M [BC] from QU here to take a peek at your blog. Love those red and green circle blocks !
I am going to get a blog for myself one of these days .Looks like a lot of fun. See you in class.

Anonymous said...

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