Sunday, 7 September 2008

Silk scarf and painted postcards

Remember the Playing with Paint class I did at Quilt University (QU)? It's finished now and the last thing we did was paint a silk scarf. I really enjoyed doing that and am very pleased with the result:

I scrunch-painted this scarf with pink Dye-Na-Flow paint first, then again with purple Setacolor. Then used a gold Paintstick to stencil the butterflies on it and traced the outlines with a gold gelpen.

I also made some postcards from painted fabric:

DH really liked the card with the butterfly, so we gave it to him today for Father's Day. The dinosaur card is for my oldest son, Hugo, on his next birthday - he loves dinosaurs. The other cards are for friends.

Hugo (he's 5 years old) painted this piece of fabric:

I think it looks very good and will make a postcard out of it as well.

I have now signed up for the Cotton Dyeing Basics class at QU, with Marjie McWilliams. Haven't got the dyes yet, but am looking forward to dying my own fabric!


Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Linda,
Myyy looks like you have been having a lovely play ... popped your PostCard in the mail this morning ... B

Sandra said...

Hoi Linda,
Wat leuk dat je met stofverven bezig bent, superleuk je sjaal met vlinders en de kaarten ook!

Dianne said...

I would give you a credit on your silk scarf Linda. Very nice.

Nicole & Phil said...

these look great ,and I love hugo's piece too!
thanks for the awaard, I will get back to here is chaotic at the moment..I need to update our family blog, but it all seems overwhlming at the moment!
I too feel a connection with you, an expat on the other side of the world! I enjoy seeing Oz through your eyes! I worry about your children getting sunburnt! :)
Talk soon