Monday, 22 September 2008


Last Thursday, the 18th, was my birthday. As you may remember, I belong to a birthday block list in The Netherlands. I had asked for blocks for a playquilt for the boys, with houses, trees, boats etc. Unfortunately mail at the moment takes a very long time to arrive here (if it does arrive, that is) and so far I have only received 6 envelopes out of 12. The blocks that I got are very nice though:

I also belong to 2 Australian FQ lists. I asked for black and white fabrics on one list and for Japanese fabrics and Australiana on the other list (on that list you get 2 FQs). I did not receive all of these yet either, so the problem seems to be with Australia post...

Here are the black and white fabrics (8 out of 12 so far):

And here are the Japanese and Australian fabrics (5 out of 11 so far):

Today I received a fiber postcard from Marloes:

She is a fellow member of Around the world in 20 quilts and made this card with materials from the tree quilt. Thanks Marloes, it's lovely!

And last but not least, I finally got my Procion dyes last week and on Sunday, while DH minded the boys, I did the first lesson of the Cotton Dyeing Basics class. This lesson is about making solid colours. I felt like a witch brewing potions when I was stirring the dark liquids in the buckets! It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun, and my first samples turned out quite nicely:

The red is a bit pale, but the blue and yellow turned out very well (the yellow looks like lime here but really is yellow IRL!). The pale purple fabric is made with the leftover dyes and the multicoloured one is dipped into all of the dyes.


Anonymous said...

leuke blokken, ik hoop dat je de resterende vlug krijgt!

Anonymous said...

Nice blocks! I hope that mine giftblocks are coming soon, I send them in the first week of august, because of our vacation!!
But.....I will make other ones (with a Firetower??)
greetings, Adrie

Margeeth said...

Mooie stofjes heb je geverfd, Linda.
Echt rood is de moeilijkste kleur om te verven, kijk maar eens bij de batiks, rood is een zeldzame kleur. Wat ook meespeelt is dat wat wij als rood zien, niet de primaire kleur is, meestal zit er wat geel bij.