Thursday, 26 June 2008


I've worked hard:

(click on the photo to enlarge)

Half the blocks are quilted now, so only 32 to go!

I've made a lot of other things as well in the last week, but nothing I can show here. Birthday blocks, postcards for a swap, a little something for my mortal...

It's winter here now and very cold in the morning (in our unheated, unisolated Queenslander, made of wood), so when the boys watch television they use their quilts to stay warm:



Anonymous said...

ziet er mooi uit Linda, op de achterkant van je LC! Leuk is dat gemeleerde garen, geeft een mooi effect.
Mooi gezicht, die 2 hoopjes quilt,met kind eronder! haha
groetjes, Adrie said...

zooooooo, dat wordt mooi !!! en wat een werk, ik zie dat het geen doorlopende lijn is .........

Anonymous said...

schattig de ventjes onder de quiltjes. worden de quilts echt gebruikt. groetejs petra

Anonymous said...

I love the boys watching tv (or so yyu say - it could be two piles of ironing for all we know - it would be in my house...!)